His Favorite Sex Positions: You will be glad you tried these tonight!

One of the greatest feelings for a woman (besides our own orgasms) is to know that we’re pleasing our man.  But let’s be honest, most women don’t know what positions he likes the most.

So that’s why we asked around…  And out of the 40 men we questioned, these positions were most commonly in the top 3.
1. Elevated Hips:  In this position, the woman lies on her back with a pillow under her hips.  Man enters between her legs and penetrates.  *For added deep thrusting, woman can place her legs on man’s shoulders.
2. The Helpful Cowgirl:  For this position, the woman is on top, and straddles man while facing him.  She raises her body up and down for penetration.  She is in control.  *For added deep penetration, woman can sit up straight while he lifts his hips up.  (Author’s favorite!!!)
3. Bend Me Break Me: This position requires a table-top height bed, counter, table, etc… Woman bends over, away from man, and he enters from behind.  He can thrust hard and fast or slow and deep, using her hips as handles. (Side note, for added pleasure, guide one of his hands to your hair and let him hold on tight and ride!)
Trying something new in the bedroom (or revisiting a position you haven’t done in years) will amp up your sex life, and bring great pleasure to your man!  We also think his serial satisfaction will bring you great pleasure too.  Enjoy!
Guys, are you looking for positions she loves?  Browse our blog for sex positions she loves!